Can Tablets Seize Laptops Market Share?

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Tablets have become increasingly powerful with each model that comes out and with manufacturers at war, trying to make the next best thing when it comes to tablets. Large brands has striven through many limitation that once held back the company from taking they well thought out design of a powerful tablet to the next level. Tablets manufactures had to wait for the technology that didn’t exist to be available to push their tablets to the next level. With tablets manufactures adopting Quad Core processors than operates at even faster Ghz than most affordable laptops on today’s market, one would think that tablet would be faster than that laptop. That can be true but is it what only matters when it comes to choosing a tablet over a laptop.

Why Tablets were made?

Tablets were made to be a very light device, slightly large in screen size than mobile phones and not has large when compare to the normal 15.6 inch screen laptop. Tablets were design to be handheld touchscreen devices, that function as a medium to access the web, take photos, stay connected with person via web cam, and the installation of apps to had fun or carryout business tasks while traveling far away from a recognize power outlet. Today tablets are sold base on their affordable, processing power to long lasting battery life. Which simply means that they are person that will look for cheap 10 inch tablets to carry out simple daily tasks, while others want a long lasting battery tablet that has 8+ hours of battery life while on the go.

The Main Purpose of Laptops?

Laptops were design to be devices that sits on a lap and rests on a desk, but these days there are a wide range of laptops that can convert to tablet, operating at very high GHz to be able to run high resource software, Large HD display for watching movies and playing HD games, video chatting via the built webcam and mic, office productivity, and the list goes on. Laptops are always evolving, there are different types of laptop ranging from chromebooks, ultra-book, 2 in 1, and others with different specification to meet the users’ needs.


Laptops are evolving with increase processing power, screen size, increase camera mega-pixel, lasting battery life and light weight, to take tablets to the next level. But even the best tablets cannot competes with where laptops are today, and where they are heading in terms of processing speeds, display clarity and screen size, storage capacity, and the ease of adding more to the components. Tablets on the other hand are evolving with screen size, increase camera pixel, processing power, light weight, long lasting battery life, and unfortunately the components are easily changeable.

For the most part the tablets are great at what they do, but there is no way that tablets will take the laptops’ market share anytime soon. Tablets’ manufactures are still doing everything possible to increase their market share with the availability for everyone from cheap kids tablet to gaming tablets. We would like to hear from you about our article “Can Tablets Seize Laptops Market Share?” and we hope you enjoy reading the article.

Laptops for Work, Play and On the Go

With the large amount of Laptops, Notebooks, Chromebook and Even Tablets being manufacture daily, it can be difficult to choosing just the right one that suits your need whether it’s for work, play or on the go. This article “Laptops for Work, Play and On the Go is written to provide valuable information what is very important to recognize a laptop that is meant for on the go than for some serious work. Some of these laptops, notebooks, chrome books and even tablet will lack certain component that is next to necessary for leisure or work.

Laptops for Work


laptop for workWhen it comes to the job or office this is serious business, and you don’t want to waste time wondering which laptop has the right hardware for the tough and difficult task that dwell in the business place. Depending on the type of tasks you have to get done, you will need a laptop that meet and even exceed that required to work comfortable. It is always better to be proactive, in that sense that you may be require to do much more than you usually do and at that point you will realize that sometimes it is ok to go above and beyond your needs. Considering the best laptops under 500 bucks would be a NO for the premium hardware that will be require for a serious top notch laptop For Work.

Now an idea machine for the work place would be a laptop that has a touch screen for quick navigation, an i5 or i7 processor to process data at a fast speed for productivity, minimum of 6GB RAM for multitasking, minimum of 500GB storage for your media and data files, a 15.6 inch Display with Intel HD Graphics to provide a clear visual experience, Dolby Audio enhancement for great audio experience, Bluetooth 4.0 for sending media & data files over the air, 3.0 USB for super-fast data/media file sharing, having a Memory card reader won’t hurt either, Windows 8.1 OS is superb for office productivity.  The price range for a laptop discuss above would natural cost around $700 – $1200 easily.

Laptops for Play

laptops for playWho doesn’t want a laptop that performs exceeding well after a long day at the office and it time to just kicking it back and playing a few High Definition games that most laptop aren’t even able even install much less to execute because they lack the Processing Power, Visual Graphics, RAM, Audio support, Proper Cooling, Dependable Bluetooth and WIFI Card. You probably wondering right now if it would cost less to buy a Xbox one but then you would have to buy a smart TV as well and that would at the end of the day would quite possibly cost more the beast  of a machine you would need for gaming. When it comes to a gaming laptop you are looking at a laptop with a i7 Processor, 8GB RAM, GeForce Graphics, 15.6 display is adequate, 1TB Hard drive for storing your massive collection of games, Superb cooling system to prevent overheating, Touch screen isn’t necessary, fast and dependable Bluetooth is critic if you will be getting a pc gaming console, Windows 8.1 OS would be the idea OS that most if not all the latest and popular games can run on and you can get your 3.0 USB, card reader, optical drive and so on. It would be wise to not confuse one of the  with a gaming laptop, because a gaming laptop can easily cost anywhere from around $700 to a few thousand dollars.

Laptop for On the Go

laptops on the goWhen commuting it may be essential to have a laptop, notebook, chrome book or even a table at your disposal for editing, review and correcting documents on the fly. Should that be the case you would a light weigh Chromebook or table that has enough battery life to serve for more than five hours. I would say go for the Chromebook, most of these bad girls or boys normally comes with a i3 processor for executing tasks, 2GB RAM for multi-tasking, 16-64 GB offline storage and 200GB to 1TB Cloud Storage for documents, dedicated WIFI card, media and data files, touchscreen on a decent display for fast navigation through the file and web explorers, Webcam for video calling, ton of apps for specific tasks and even some of the everyday, weighs less than 3 pounds to comfortably rest in your lap, 5-10 hours of unplug battery file to complete your journey and then on to recharging, and the Chrome OS will do just fine for on the go web usages.

We do hope you found this article to be an eye opener on what you would use a specific laptop, notebook, Chromebook and even tablet for. Looking for more than the budget friendly laptops that offers real performance at an affordable price visit this article best cheap laptop for gaming.

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